Post Mold Making Services

Post Mold Making Services

Once the tool has been completed we seamlessly provide pilot and mass production in our in house production facility or in one of our ISO 9001 sub-contract processing facility best suited to your needs. Our inspectors for finished product make sure that nothing but excellent quality parts are boxed and drop shipped to meet your demand anywhere on Earth. We operate full material inspection prior to production, random during production tests every hour, and a 100% checks on all the products we export. Assembly and packaging lines are in place for those with needs for finished products. We provide no less than one article per cycle for review. Customers are involved in every step of their project and approval is required on each design file, first off articles, production samples and during production samples

Quality Assurance

here has been improving consistently. The following are minimum checks for everything that leaves our plant:

» Visual inspection - Check for discoloration, deformities, damage
» Fit check - Assemble with mating part on the line
» Function Check - Replicate end use of the project for a couple of cycles

We back up the common sense approach with SPC, PPAP, material certification, third party lab testing, in house dimensional checks, durometer, and pull strength and flame testing.

Post Injection Processing/Assembly

If your needs go further than injection, we further offer post injection processing of those parts. We can help with printing, plating, sub-assembly component procurement, assembly, and packaging. These services are provided through our extensive network of partner factories located in close proximity to our processing facilities in the Shanghai manufacturing region.
IDC can provide cost-effective warehousing of your parts and finished products, and consolidated shipping from our warehouses for your Just-In-Time shipping requirements. We have negotiated excellent rates with our partner freight forwarders that enable us to deliver products to one or multiple locations less expensively and with no paperwork issues on your end.