Mold Making Services

In our ISO 9001 approved tooling facilities in China, IDC turns your engineering drawings into steel.

We provide high value solutions tailored to your production requirements.

Our China cost advantage is passed on, providing more product for your money.

At IDC, our core business is plastic injection tooling. From your product drawing, we can provide firm quotations and lead times in a variety of tooling steels and configurations to best suit your production requirements.

During the inquiry process our customers can specify tool life requirements and IDC will quote the mold accordingly.  Low volume tooling (less than 25,000 shots) is typically 20% less expensive than high volume (100,000 shot life) tooling.  With the existing China mold price advantage, IDC offers high quality, low price advantage with pricing flexibility.

Our inspectors take you into the tooling shops with digital photography throughout the tooling process, including first shot digital video footage. Our first articles come with a report detailing tooling and product specifications, material usage, cycle time, waste report, and China production cost analysis. Upon first article approval, we can deliver finished tools worldwide or you can take advantage of our Post Mold Making Services. 




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