Tooling, Processing and Assembly

» Save 30%-45% on Plastics Tooling and Injection Molding in Shanghai China.
» One-stop solution to reliable plastics mold-making and production services.
» In house injection machines, with a range of 90-1000 tons.
» ISO certified facilities in China to meet your tooling requirements
» Quality system running to ISO 9001 standard, and rated excellent by major corporations.


Product Design and Tool Design

» Cost-effective and quick turn around on 2D and 3D engineering prints from your descriptions or product samples
» In-house Design engineering teams, specializing in product development, tool making and packaging design, shortens time to market.
» Cost effective and rapid Tool Design services by engineering teams.


Project Management and Quality Assurance

» Progress Reporting and Digital photo&video reporting throughout tooling and production.
» Shanghai based inspection and operations team focused on meeting customer expectations.
» Full material inspection prior to production, random during production tests every hour, and 100% checks on all the products we export
» Logistics support of shipping, export regulations, duty, taxes, and all other requirements for International commerce.


Rapid Prototyping Solutions


IDC Pre-Molding Services produce the finest Rapid Prototyping solutions available. Multiple machines allow us to accept a large volume of work while providing quick turnaround on every project.

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